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Challenging Bhutan Trekking Adventure – Are Your Game for the Thrill?

Trekking routes in the Himalayas extend beyond the mapped world and unveil the virgin beauty of natural vistas that continue to enjoy seclusion from the ordinary world. Bhutan, the Himalayan kingdom with distinct character and well-preserved heritage, has been lately creating buzz among the trekkers’ communities all over the world. Learn what a Bhutan trekking tour offers, along with some useful information, if you are debuting as a trekker.

What is Trekking?

Trekking is a multiday walking adventure on trails stretching through wilderness, countryside and rural areas that remain inaccessible through various modes of transport.  Call it a thrilling adventure holiday or an unforgettable experience to discover the most unusual facets of nature; trekking is an exotic activity with the ability to revive the whole lifestyle of individuals from any walk of life.

Trekking Tours Bhutan

Trekking Tours Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan – An Unusual Experience

Trekking in Bhutan doesn’t lose thrill even for a moment. A trekking tour of Bhutan can take one to the world’s toughest treks and the most electrifying one as well. Sub-zero temperature, pleasant weather, seemingly unending walks and time-lost villages dominate these expeditions. Natural treasures and cultural heritage go hand in hand as one comes across deep sacred valleys, marvelous landscapes, extravagant flora and fauna and fortresses, monasteries and royal structures dotting every mile.

Best Trekking Opportunities in Bhutan

With trek range varying from low altitude of about 9,000 ft. to high altitude of more than 16,000 ft., Bhutan offers trekking opportunities for one and all. Gangtey, Jumolhari and Bumthang Bhutan trekking tours are quite popular for making trails through valleys with extraordinary beauty and invaluable landmarks. Fun exchanges hands through alpine lakes, splendid meadows and breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks on Drukpath trekking adventure. Highly experienced trekkers dare to undertake the exhilarating Snowman Trek. Walk past the scattered settlements and meet carefree indigenous people unspoiled by the urban living style.

Choose a Trekking Package

Many companies offer Bhutan adventure tour packages for trekkers or specialized Bhutan trekking packages, but only few meet the promise. The most important things while choosing a trekking tour should be:

  • Experienced and friendly guides who are familiar with rugged and demanding terrains of the region
  • Friendly crew members including cooks, horsemen and language-specific guides
  • Arrangements to deal with altitude sickness and to evaluate the trekkers’ fitness on each day of the tour
  • Necessary trekking and camping equipments that comply with the guidelines of the region’s tourism department

In addition, you must pack accessories like sunglasses, sunscreen lotions, flashlights, insect repellant and useful medications like antiseptics and anti-diarrhea pills. Obtain recommendations on the clothes you must wear from the tour operator.

1. Jumolhari Trekking Tour  – 14 nights /15 days Bhutan trekking tour package

2. Bumthang Cultural Trekking Tour – 12 nights /13 days Bhutan trekking tour package

3. Drukpath Trekking Tour – 11 nights /12 days Bhutan trekking tour package

Bhutan trekking can leave an everlasting impression on the enthusiastic adventurers and trekkers. You will enjoy the pace at which the amusement unfolds as you constantly conquer the unusual trekking trails.

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