Complete List of Bhutan Events in 2015 and 2016

BHUTAN FESTIVALS 2015 and 2016

The majority of Bhutan festivals in are religious festivals known as tsechu’s. A tsechu is a Buddhist festival in honour of the Buddhist Saint Padmasambhava, popularly known as ‘Guru Rimpoche’, the saint who was responsible for introducing Buddhism to Bhutan. There are various tsechus held all year around at temples, Dzongs and monasteries throughout Bhutan. These events bring blessings to the onlookers, as well as instructing them about the Buddhist Dharma. Each tsechu is unique and has it’s own character – but the main elements remain the same – monks performing sacred Cham dances to the sound of horns and cymbals – interspersed with performances of folksongs, whilst Atsaras, naughty clowns adorning vast phalli, entertain the crowd! People flock from surrounding villages dressed in their best clothes to receive blessings and watch the Cham dances. There is a strong local belief that each festival attendee will gain and accumulate merit by watching the dances and their presence at the festival will help wash away many of their past sins.


Panoramic Journeys can design a bespoke tour of Bhutan to incorporate one of these celebrations of Bhutanese culture. Alternatively our small group Bhutan Festival Tours visit various Bhutanese tsechus such as the uniquePunakha Festival, the Paro Festival in our Autumn Festivals, Tour and the remote Mongar and Trashigang Festivals in our Bhutanese Epic. For a full list please see our Bhutan Festival Tours page.

FESTIVAL 2015 2016 Location
Takin Festival 21st Feb Damji, Gasa
Nomads Festival 22nd Feb Nagsephel,Bumthang
Bhutan International Marathon 23rd Feb (Annual Event organised by Bhutan Olympic Committee)
Punakha Drubchhen 23rd – 27th Feb 12th-16th Feb Punakha Dzong, Punakha
Punakha Tshechu 28th Feb – 2nd Mar 17th-19th Feb Punakha Dzong,Punakha
Tharpaling Thongdrol 5th Mar Tharpaling Lhakhang, Chummi, Bumthang
Chhorten Kora 5th & 20th Mar 22nd Feb & 10th Mar Chhorten Kora, Trashi Yangtse
Gomphu Kora 27th – 29th Mar 17th – 19th Mar Gom Kora Lhakhang, Trashigang
Gasa Tshechu 27th-30th Mar Gasa Dzong, Gasa
Zhemgang Tshechu 27th-30th Mar Zhemgang Dzong, Zhemgang
Paro Tshechu 31st Mar-4th Apr 20th-24th Mar Rinpung Dzong,Paro
Talo Tshechu 7th – 9th Apr Talo Gonpa, Punakha
Rhododendron Festival 18th- 20th Apr Lamperi Botanical Garden, Dochula, Thimphu
Domkhar Tshechu 28th- 30th Apr Domkhar, Chummi, Bumthang
Ura Yakchoe 30th Apr-4th May 24th – 26th Jun Ura Lhakhang, Bumthang
Nimalung Tshechu 24th-26th Jun 13th-15th Jun Nimalung Dratshang, Chummi, Bumthang
Kurjey Tshechu 26th Jun 15th Jun Kurjey Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang
Haa Summer Festival 5th Jul Town Festival, Ground, Haa
Masutaki Mushroom Festival 22nd-23rd Aug Ura, Bumthang
Tour of the Dragon (Bicycle Race) 5th Sep Bumthang to Thimphu
Thimphu Drubchen 19th Sep 7th Sep Tashichho Dzong, Thumphu
Wangdue Tshechu 21st-23rd Sep 9th-11th Sep Wangdi Dzong, Wangduephodrang
Tamshing Phala Chhoepa 23rd-25th Sep 10th-12th Sep Tamshing Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang
Thimphu Tshechu 23rd-25th Sep 11th-13th Sep Tashichho Dzong,Thimphu
Gangtey Tshechu 26th-28th Sep Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang
Jomolhari Mountain Festival 8th-9th Oct
Thangbi Mani 27th-29th Oct Tangbi Lhakhang, Choekor, Bumthang
Chhukha Tshechu 20th-22nd Oct Chhukha Dzong,Chhukha
Jakar Tshechu 21st-23rd Oct Jakar Dzong, Choekhor, Bumthang
Pemagatshel Tshechu 25th – 27th Oct 6th – 9th Nov Pemagatshel Dzong, Pemagatshel
Jambay Lhakhang Drup 27-31st Oct 16th-19th Oct Jambay Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang
Prakhar Duchhoed 28th-30th Oct 17th-18th Oct Prakar Lhakhang, Chummi, Bumthang
Black Necked Crane Festival 11th Nov Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang
Mongar Tshechu 18th – 21st Nov 6th-9th Nov Mongar Dzong, Mongar
Trashigang Tshechu 19th Nov-22nd Nov 8th-10th Nov Trashigang Dzong, Trsashigang
Jambay Lhakhang Singye Cham 25th Nov Jambay Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang
Nalakhar Tshechu 25th-27th Nov 14th-16th Nov Nga Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang
Druk Wangyel Tshechu 13th Dec Dochula, Thimphu
Trongsa Tshechu 20th – 22nd Dec 8th-10th Dec Trongsa Dzong, Trongsa
Lhuentse Tshechu 20th-22nd Dec 8th-10th Dec Lhuentse Dzong, Lhuentse
Nabji Lhakhang Drup 25th- 27th Dec Nabji Lhakhang, Nabji, Trongsa



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